Building Information Modelling (BIM) is continuing to change the future of the construction industry and will be compulsory on all UK public projects by 2016.

JPG employ BIM technology on all projects across engineering disciplines and provide all stakeholders with a real-life working model of the project. In addition to providing the design specification through the construction phase, the BIM model can remain live throughout the projects existence to provide ongoing information on operation and maintenance, lifecycle costs and energy performance.

Our commitment to making a difference

JPG promote In Country Value (ICV), which can be defined as the total spend retained In-Country that benefits business development, contributes to human capability development and stimulates productivity in the Countries’ economy.

JPG understands the effective training and development benefits the individual and the organisation as a whole, and contributes to the achievement of our mutual objectives.

In order to effectively invest in the future of a country we put sustainability at the centre of our business.

We are constantly looking at new ways of minimising impacts on the environment and benefiting society and the communities in which we operate.