The site at Bretton Street, Dewsbury was occupied by a gasworks for much of the 1900’s and 2000’s. The gasworks was redeveloped several times in line with emerging technologies, initially comprising of both coal-based gas production and then moved onto a hydrocarbon reforming gasworks.

The site was proposed for a commercial end use. Site investigation identified areas of elevated concentrations of TPH, PAH and inorganics such as cyanides, metals and sulphates.

Approximately 7,346m3 of contaminated materials were treated through assisted aeriated aerobic degradation of contaminants to produce clean fill material for re-use on site. The material was contaminated with hydrocarbons (TPH and PAH) and inorganics such as cyanides, metals and sulphates.

Following treatment, soils were tested before being re-engineered back into the site. A systematic approach was taken with all made ground being turned over across the site, enabling the removal of all below ground tanks and sub structures. Ammonia contaminated groundwater required on-site treatment or removal.

The site has now been commercially developed.

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