Old Lane, Beeston, Leeds

JPG (Leeds) Limited were appointed to carry out a desk study and a ground investigation for a mixed use development off Old Lane, Beeston in Leeds.

The following geotechnical constraints were identified:

  • Historical foundations and structures.
  • Shallow bedrock.
  • Localised perched waters.
  • Geological fault.
  • Locally deep made ground.

Based on the above findings, JPG concluded that no gas protection measures were necessary; slightly elevated concentrations of PAH species including benzo(a)pyrene and potentially airborne asbestos fibres were detected within the made ground; a combination of shallow strip foundations and deeper trenchfill foundations could be utilised; soakaways would not be suitable for the accommodation of surface water drainage and concrete should be designed to Design Sulphate Class DS-1 and ACEC Class AC-2z.

CLIENT: Wilton Developments Ltd