Former Corn Mill and Gas Works


The former gasworks site off Hindpool Road, Barrow-In-Furness was retained for commercial development. The site is located 150 metres north of Furness Docks, situated within an area of heavy industry, near to the shipbuilding and assembly complex for for BAE systems. The location coupled with the close proximity of controlled water receptors, meant sensitive handling of the redevelopment was essential.

Given the former gasworks use, land remediation works were scheduled for the site, based upon key target areas including: large steel gasholders, underground tanks and an electricity sub-station. The site was predominantly contaminated with diesel range organics and other gasworks related contaminants. Remedial works undertaken included the selective bulk excavation and treatment of soils, along with off-site disposal of contaminated soils and implementation of groundwater treatment systems.

Following initial dewatering and sludge removal from the gasholders and four below ground tanks, the careful removal of contaminated materials was undertaken. Impacted materials were then treated within an ex-situ bioremediation facility.

In total 15,000m3 of soils were excavated and processed, of which 4,000m3 were contaminated and treated on site. Soils were frequently checked against regulatory approved remedial target values.

Contaminated groundwater was extracted during the remediation process and pumped to an on-site water treatment facility, where it was treated prior to off-site removal or discharged following agreement with the local authority.