Jackson’s Bakery, Hull

Jackson’s Bakery, Hull

JPG were appointed by Jackson’s Bakery on their recent upgrade and expansion programme at their bakery site in Hull which it has occupied since 1907.

The works incorporated the installation of new equipment within the existing bakery comprising of a new oven, freezers, cooler, prover, conveyor systems, loading and unloading facilities. New buildings constructed included a dry goods store and a tray wash building.

Due to expansion works, a new ecological surface water balancing pond was constructed. It was necessary to connect the new surface water outfall to the existing public sewers at a point beneath a major highways junction. To avoid major traffic disruption, it was decided that the connection would be formed by tunneling under the existing highway.

All the works were carried out whilst the bakery remained fully operational.

Due to poor ground conditions across the site, it was necessary to adopt a piled solution for the foundations, this presented a challenge where piling works were carried out within the existing bakery.

In order to fully understand the bakery’s operational requirements at each stage of the development, it was imperative to forge a close working relationship with the bakery and their equipment suppliers. Following the successful completion of the works, the output was increased to an equivalent of one million loaves per week.

Client: Jackson’s Bakery, Hull