Ground investigation Bradford Road, Brighouse

Ground investigation Bradford Road


JPG were appointed by the Gregory Property Group to carry out a desk study and ground investigation for a proposed commercial development on land off Bradford Road, Brighouse. Part of the site was historically a petrol filling station with underground fuel storage tanks. Immediately prior to re-development, the site was used as a garage, which included servicing/repairs and a bodyshop.

The ground investigation revealed elevated concentrations of hydrocarbons and other organic contaminants within the made ground. A site specific risk assessment was completed and a remedial strategy produced. Mitigation measures included the removal of gross contamination and the incorporation of a hydrocarbon vapour membrane in the buildings.

The former underground fuel storage tanks were removed and the sides and base of the excavation were validated to ensure that all of the hydrocarbon contaminated material had been removed.

On completion of the remedial works a validation report was submitted to the Local Authority and all planning conditions were discharged.

The site has since been developed.

CLIENT: Gregory Properties