Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts in the Construction industry

Top gifts and gadgets for Father’s this year to making their working day in the construction industry a little bit easier…

Hipkey proximity and movement alarm for smartphone (£49 the


I’m sure you have all been there watching your loved one as he flaps around looking for his phone. This is a great idea not just for the home but also for those long days in the office and when visiting construction sites for meetings!

Help is at hand to find his phone with the hipkey proximity-alarm: simply pair it with his smartphone and a 90cB alarm will sound if the two are more than 50 metres.


Craft Beer Starter Kit: Bright-eyed Amber Ale (£29.95,


Indulge his creative side as often Dad’s in construction love to make things so why not save him a trip to the pub by giving him the tools to make his own!


Wallet Ninja Multi-Tool (£8.99 Firebox)


A card with so many uses, screw, open, stand, any Dad would be impressed with this wallet sized tool kit. Your Dad will always be prepared.


Minich Tool Pen: Premium Edition (£49, the


This stylish and high quality tool pen can do the job of so many in one. Working on the principle of the pop-a-point coloured pencils this premium multitool houses a variety of screwdriver and hex set attachments.


Rhino Shield screen protector for iPhone (£17.99,


Made from an ingenious custom formulated polymer, this slender screen savior absorbs five times the impact energy, keeping your Dad’s phone safe from the most brutal of collision’s


Hubsan X4 Quadcopter with HD camera (£79,


Drones are becoming the new thing to have in construction and this little beauty is a fraction of the cost of the hi-tec versions. Great for viewing those new buildings and recording endless flying drone shots.