JPG’s continue sponsorship of Team Stowe

JPG continue their support this year by sponsoring Jason Stowe from Wilton Developments in the RGB Championship.

JPG is in the 2nd year of sponsorship of Team Stowe and is currently highlighting the latest success for the race team in making the top 10 in the last race held at Snetterton over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd August.

Snetterton was a completely unknown track for Jason, so he wasn’t expecting much from the race, after arriving on Friday to undertake some practice laps.

Jason managed to qualify for round 7 in 16th out of 28, but an engine fault meant he was down on power and the engine was running 30% richer. Jason managing to finish in 14th place with lap times improved by 2 secs on the qualifier.

However, disappointment struck after the race weigh in, when he came in at 558.5 kg, 1.5kg under the legal weight and was disqualified. The earlier engine fault had burned an extra 7 litres of fuel which brought him below the required weight of 560kg.

For Round 8, the team ensured the weight of the car was within the weight limits for the race. Jason started in 19th out of 28 and managed to climb the grid to make the top 10. Jason managed 10th place, gaining him his first championship point’s finish.

Jason’s best lap was 1:19:80 on his 3rd lap finishing 51:25 seconds behind the winner. This is a great achievement for Team Stowe making the points section of the RGB Championship leader board.

JPG look forward to the next race on the 22nd/23rd August at the famous Silverstone racetrack.


Watch the latest race action here from Team Stowe. The first few laps are where it all happens and Jason manages to do some great undertaking on the corners.