JPG Make History With Foundation Concept

JPG have been appointed to design the Civil and Structural concept for this development to ensure minimal impact on the archaeology of the site. The Historic Site of Interest: Weaver Street, Chester development consists of four three storey town houses on a compact inner city site which lies within the zone of Primary Archaeological Character of the Chester Archaeological Plan.

Archaeological reports suggest the site is the location of a roman granary with the roman structures being at a depth of 2.5m below current ground levels. The challenge for faced by JPG was to find a foundation solution which would have minimal impact on the archaeology and limit the depth of any new construction including drainage and services to no more than one meter for the exiting surface.

Using a reinforced concrete floor slab with reinforced concrete edge beams on driven steel mini piles JPG were able to provide a solution to satisfy all the requirements of the various agencies involved in this project.